Henry Strain

Bolinas Township, page 427

Henry Strain The subject of this sketch, whose portrait will be found in this volume, was born in the County Monaghan, Ireland, in the year 1826, and there resided until he reached sixteen years of age. At this time he emigrated to America and settled in New York City, where he worked at the hatter's trade for three years; he then went to Connecticut and found employment in the Smithfield Cotton Manufacturing Company until he embarked for California. On March 5, 1852, he sailed in the steamer " Prometheus " for Nicaragua ; thence per sailing vessel to the Isthmus. In Panama he was detained three months from an attack of fever, which, having departed, he sailed for San Francisco, where he arrived in the month of July. Mr. Strain at once proceeded to Hangtown, now Placerville, but on account of ill-health only worked in the mines for one month ; seceding from this occupation he commenced that of prospecting, which he continued till he left the district. On March 17, 1853, he arrived in Bolinas, and after teaming for something like two years for the mill company, he began running the steamboat " Union." Mr. Strain next returned to Bolinas and was variously employed for about two years, when, in 1857, he purchased a portion of his present farm, and began cutting alder trees for fire-wood, which he prosecuted for two more years. From these small beginnings Mr. Strain gradually worked himself into the dairying business, until he is now the possessor of a fine farm of two hundred and fifty-eight acres and forty milch cows. In 1868 he was elected Justice of the Peace for Bolinas Township, and is at present one of the Trustees of the Bolinas School District. Married in August, 1851, Marcella Roche, by whom he has eight living children: —Henry Frank, William, Winfield Scott, Henrietta, Ella, Robert Everett, Lillie and Anna Louise.

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