Hugh McKennan

Bolinas Township, page 424

Hugh McKennan was born February 22, 1826 in the town of Ballycastle, County Antrim, Ireland. When he was eight years of age, he, accompanied by an older brother, came to New York City, and remained there till he was thirteen years old. They then went to New Orleans. In 1846, he entered the American at my in the war with Mexico, serving under a quarter-master till the close of the war in 1848. He then located at Louisville, Kentucky, and remained till December, 1848. He then set about making preparations for an overland trip to California, and May 1, 1849, he set out with a party of two wagons to come " the plains across," from Independence, Missouri, arriving September 10th of that year. He engaged in mining at Mormon Island, Park's Bar, and other places till the Fall of 1852, when he went to San Francisco, and resided there till 1857. He then came to Bolinas and purchased an interest in the "Belvidere" ranch with Captain Isaac Morgan, where he engaged in the farming and dairying business till 1864 when he disposed of his interest in the property. After a residence of about eighteen months in San Francisco, he returned to his old love, Bolinas and purchased his present homestead. He was married May 14, 1859, to Amelia F. Salvo (daughter of Benedict and Mary A. Salvo), who was born October 15, 1840, inNew Bedford, Massachusetts. Their children are William H., born in San Francisco, December 16, 1864; and Frederick B., born in Bolinas, March 22, 1871.

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