Thomas H. Estey

Nicasio Township, page 435

Thomas H. Estey was born in Sharon, Massachusetts, August 12, 1826. At the age of seventeen he left his native State and followed the sea until the gold excitement of 1848. On February 10, 1849, sailed from Boston, arriving in San Francisco September 12th of the same year. Went to the mines in October, at Mud Springs, Placer County, worked there for the most part of three years. Afterwards followed hunting in the Sacramento valley in the Winter. In May, 1857, came to Marin County and commenced dairying on Salmon creek. In 1862 left Marin for San Luis Obispo County, bought stock and lost them in the drought of 1863-4. Returned to Marin in 1865; in October, 1866, leased for five years nine hundred acres of land and one hundred cows from the late James Black, in partnership with his brother Charles. At the end of the lease, in 1871, they bought their present home of two hundred and forty acres. Married January 15, 1875, Hannah E. Gannon, a native of New York. Mr. Estey was a member of the Constitutional Convention in 1878.

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