Frank Coye De Long 

Novato Township, page 440

Frank Coye De Long was born in Lockport, New York, October 10, 1843, and is the son of Francis and Dorcas A. Coye De Long. When he was but four years of age his mother died, and he went to reside with his grand-parents at Homer, New York, remaining there five years. He then returned to Lockport and resided with his uncle by marriage, Hon. L. F. Bowen. Here he remained till he was seventeen years of age, attaining his education at Union School, that place. In 1861 he came to California vie, the Isthmus, arriving in San Francisco May 22d of that year. He was engaged as salesman for Rockwell, Coye & Co., of San Francisco, until 1873, with the exception of one year, when he engaged in the broker business. He then took charge of Messrs. Sweetser & De Long's San Francisco business, and remained there until January 1, 1879, at which time, his father having purchased Mr. Sweetser 's interest in the Novato ranch, he came to Novato and associated himself with him.

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