Thomas B. Crandell

Point Reyes Township, page 446

Thomas B. Crandell was born in Providence, R. I., January 15, 1841. At twelve years of age he went to the town of Barrington, Bristol County, and there commenced the life of a farmer. In 1859, being then eighteen years of age and becoming restless with a great desire to go to California, he went to Boston, Massachusetts, hoping to be able to ship on board of some vessel going to the Golden State. In this he was unsuccessful, but shipped for a three years' voyage on board of the ship " Norseman" bound for Valparaiso and Callao, thence to ports in the China sea. At Callao, not being satisfied with continuing the voyage, he left the ship with the expectation of being able to find another bound for California. He remained at Callao a short time and then shipped on board the bark "Othello," sailing under the Chilean flag, returning to Callao after a three months' voyage along the coast of Peru. During this voyage the Captain, a good-hearted Scotchman, took quite an interest in him and promised to secure him a vessel going to California on their return to Callao. According to promise the Captain procured him a berth on the bark " Palmetto" bound on a trading voyage to Central American and Mexican ports and, ultimately, to San Francisco. Arrived at San Francisco May 24, 1860, after an eventful and to him a profitable experience of nearly eighteen months at sea. On landing at San Francisco he learned that the vessel he left Boston in had foundered at sea. Two months afterwards he received his first letter from home, and the nervousness with which he broke the seal of that letter containing the first news from home and kindred after a separation of twenty months, will never be forgotten. He resumed his old occupation, working on a stock farm in Yuba County a few months; then returned to San Francisco, where he remained until he moved to Point Reyes, January 20, 1861. In 1870-71 he was engaged in the sheep business in Tulare County, and in 1877 he settled on his present dairy farm, on which he has two hundred milch cows. Mr. Crandell was elected Justice of the Peace two years, and has been Overseer of Roads since 1877. Married Eliza, daughter of James A. and Susan B. Smith, of Barrmgton, R. I., March 8, 1868, by whom he has three children; viz., Chester S., Harry A., and Hattie M.

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