Samuel Clark

Bolinas Township, page 419

Samuel Clark This worthy gentleman and pioneer was born in Erie County, Pennsylvania, Sept. 9, 1827, and is the son of D. A. and Mary Clark. When about fourteen years of age he left home, went to New York and shipped on board a vessel bound for Liverpool. He continued to follow a seafaring life till the Fall of 1852, at which time he arrived in San Francisco. At the time of his arrival he was very ill with the Panama fever, and he went to Washington, Yolo County, to a hospital, where he was finally cured by an old-fashionedArkansas doctor. In the Spring of 1853 he came to Bolinas, and began boating and hunting. In 1855 he went to Arizona, and followed steamboating on the Colorado river for one year, when he returned to Bolinas and located permanently. Mr. Clark has always been a public-spirited and enterprising gentleman, and has been honored with more than one position of trust, by the suffrages of his neighbors. In 1856 he was elected constable, and in 1867 he was chosen to represent his district as Supervisor, which position he filled to the great satisfaction of his constituents. In 1873 he was again elected to the same position. He has also been Justice of the Peace for Bolinas Township. In 1863 the " Pike County Gulch Copper Mining Company " was organized, and Mr. Clark was chosen as President, and when, in 1874, the " Bolinas Steam Navigation Company" was organized, he was honored with the chief position in the corporation. He has held the office of school trustee for a number of years, and takes great interest in the advancement of education, recognizing in it one of the great civilizing agents of the world. In Capt. Samuel Clark is to be found one of Nature's true noblemen, plain, unassuming, honest, truthful — in truth a very gentleman. He was married June 22, 1867, to Miss Frances Nott, who was born at Bolinas in 1851. Their children are Colfax, born April 14, 1869; Marcia, born June 27, 1870; Gordon, born July 24, 1874; Helena, born December 25, 1875; Frances, born April 25, 1877; Ellis, born August 16, 1878.

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