Pablo Briones

Bolinas Township, page 418

Pablo Briones, is the oldest son of Gregorio and Ramona Garcia Briones, and was born at the Mission Dolores, San Francisco, January 15, 1823. He resided with his parents, wherever they were located, until the Fall of 1837, when he went to Bolinas and took charge of that rancho for his father, and erected the necessary buildings upon it. His mother and her other children followed him during the next year, his father remaining in San Francisco, of which place he was Alcalde still another year. He remained with his father for the succeeding several years, having charge of the place. He now resides at Woodville, and is one of the most honorable and respected Spanish-American men in the County. He was married February 2, 1861, to Senorita Rafaela Santilla, daughter of Juan Santilla, born in September, 1840. Their children are: — Pableto, born November 14, 1861; Fannie, born April 9, 1863; Mary, born April 7, 1865; Teresa, born November 17, 1867, and died at the age of ten months ; Clotilda, born April 9, 1871; Juan, born January 14, 1873; Belle, bornMarch 18, 1877; Francisco, born August 19, 1878; Carlota, born September 17 1879.

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