Henry Claussen

Point Reyes Township, page 446

Henry Claussen The subject of this sketch, whose portrait appears in this work, was born in Schleswig, July 15, 1842. Here he resided until 1851, when he accompanied his parents who then moved to the southern part of Sweden, and there remained until 1859. While here he attended the academies of the district and became well grounded in a liberal education. In 1859 he shipped as cabin-boy, and thus remained at sea until 1864 in which year he came home and commenced the study of navigation, on completing which he sailed with the rating of Second Mate until 1867, and afterwards as First Mate until 1870. In that year he brought his family to California, arriving December 10th, and settled at Sacramento City. 
On April 1, 1871, he came to Point Reyes and began the dairying business, which he now carries on. Mr. Claussen's father died September 29, 1879, and his mother returned. to Sweden. Mr. Claussen has been School Trustee of the Point Reyes district for five years. He is one of the many careful, honest and Industrious dairymen of that section of Marin County, and a man most highly honored and respected by all who know him. A gentleman in the highest and truest sense of the word, and one whom it is a pleasure to meet and know. In 1872 he married Agneta C. Wittgren, a native of Sweden.

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