Timothy Hine


July 28, 2001 


by Cathy Gowdy

 Q: Your parents’ names are?

 My parents were Lloyd and Irene Hine.

 Q: When did you come here?

 1943. We moved here when I was 10 months old and I left when I was 18 so that was around 1959.  I came back every once in a while. My parents were still here. They lived in the Valley at the time and then they moved to the post office (?) and lived there until he retired.

 Q: What did he do here?

 He was in the Mess Hall for 15 years. He worked the back gate which is the west gate. He had a heart attack right off the job.

 Q: What was it like living here?

 You had to make things to do. But I liked it. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

 I got my hair cut here by a (berger??) and when he got out, he went up to Santa Rosa and worked in a barber shop.

 It was a small school. Our teacher, Mrs. Hall, taught us French. There were about 40 kids in the school.

 Q: Was there a high turnover rate; were people transferred often?

 No, not really. But is was heartbreaking when you went to school with someone for 4 or 5 years and then their fathers were transferred and you were still here. I went there for the whole 8 years, and there were only  a few of us who could say that.

 In the earlier years, employees stayed longer, like my Dad - he was a corrections officer. He refused to take the Sergeant’s test because if he did, he knew he would be transferred.

 We (kids) were a tight knit group.  No one screwed up because we knew what would happen. You didn’t want to embarass your father.  My Dad loved working here.

 Q: You went to San Rafael High school?

 Yes, and after I got out I married and had a couple of kids. We divorced and I married again. Been married for 27 years. Haven’t seen one kid for about 20 years.  I saw the other about 5 years ago. I kept the oldest one out of San Quentin - I begged the judge. My Dad was still here working.

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